Susie Wall and C4 Eyewear: The Perfect Pair

I wanted to share a little more about C4’s first brand collaborator Susie Wall and why I knew she was the perfect person to co-design our debut C4 Eyewear Collection.   Susie Wall

Spanning, fashion, beauty, and design, Susie Wall is one of Canada’s most respected experts and influencers across digital and media channels.

You can find her across a variety of platforms, including her social media feeds (via @SusieWallStyle), the national talkshow Cityline, Breakfast Television programs across the country as well as her newly launched media channel,  

We are often tapped for time and inspiration.  Susie delivers a curious, open-minded and often hilarious take on how to harness the stylish side of life - and always with an enviable dose of cool.  Armed with an eye for trends and her attainable translation of runway to street style, Susie takes her followers on a creative, curated journey that is enticing and endearing all at once.  It is this inimitable sense of style and gravitas that has deeply shaped the aesthetic of our brand     

Susie Wall and C4 founder Carla D’Angelo

One of our core values at C4 is philanthropy - and this is another layer to Susie that we admire.  She knows who she is, and her words and actions are aligned.  She is a founding member of The Good Soup Truck (@goodsouptruck) - Canada’s first mobile soup kitchen food truck.  She is also a long-serving member of the working Board of Directors for Cause We Care (, a Vancouver-based charity dedicated to helping single mothers in need.  It was through Susie’s work with Cause We Care that we knew we had found the perfect charitable recipient for our new Susie Wall collection of socially conscious eyewear.  Designed for women, by women - helping women.  



Susie and I are so excited about our second collaboration for C4, and we know you will be too.  Stay tuned for more in the coming months. 


Carla D'Angelo